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About Us...

...The Vocational Advancement Center (VAC), a non-profit, vocational services provider has been serving the greater Boston community since 1957.  Since our inception, we have been devoted to maintaining the highest level of programming available to help support our Consumers and Job Seekers to reach their full potential.   We strive to remain in the forefront of new and inventive ways to reach excellence within the industry.  Our staff of professionals truly enjoy the work that they do and are devoted to making a difference in the lives of those in the program.  We offer an array of services including Vocational Evaluations, Job Placement Support, Job Coaching Support, Group Supported Employment, and Community Based Day Services.  

VAC’s vision is to provide the guidance and support needed to allow our Consumers and Job Seekers to fully thrive and achieve their dreams.   Consumers are referred through state agencies such as the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) or through other community connections. 

Our mission at VAC is to provide the supports and services needed to assist those we serve to achieve career goals and improve their quality of life.  VAC promotes choice, dignity, respect, and independence while assisting individuals to maximize work opportunities and earnings potential.

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